The class fee structure at Perth Soo Bahk Do is as follows;

Who Monthly1 Class card2
Adult (16yr and older) $85 $45 (five classes)
Junior (10-15yr) $75 $40 (five classes)
Kidz (5-9yr only Saturday Class) N/A $60 (eight classes)
Certified MDK instructor $50 N/A

At Perth Soo Bahk Do we have family discount available.

Family Discount

Each additional adult or junior member $5 a month less.


If there is a family that consist of the following active students at Perth Soo Bahk Do; 1 adult, 1 instructor, 1 junior and 1 kid, their fee would be;

Adult – $85, instructor – $45 ($50-$5), junior – $65 ($75-$10) and a class card for the youngest member – $55 for 8 classes.

  1. unlimited attendance
  2. Only when you are not able to attend regularly