Class – Kidz

Kidz BeginnerAt Perth Soo Bahk Do we have a special program for the little kids from 5yrs of age, which is approved by our Grandmaster Kwang Jang Nim HC Hwang. Besides learning self-defence they learn confidence, respect and discipline. By learning Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan the students develop their character by increasing the their self-esteem in a positive learning environment, which is all made possible by the help of a great team of instructors. Through Soo Bahk Do, the children learn how to resolve conflicts in a positive way, how to make friends instead of making enemies, and how they can use and control their body. There is a strong emphasis on respecting each other and not to hurt each other.

As self-defence is very important we also teach the children basic safety tips, like when to dial 000, discouraging talking to strangers and what to do in certain real life situations.

After the Kidz program the child is smoothly transitioned into the Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan belt system. This additional time with the children will lay the foundation for further development of the child into teenager/adulthood, and the further development within Soo Bahk Do.

We will challenge the child with different exercises, which will provide a tremendous personal growth and development of the child. As Soo Bahk Do is an individual sport each success and development is accredited to the child him or herself.

Kidz Orange